Dec 18 2006

We wish you a psychedelic Christmas and a happy new year!!

The “virtual album” with 3 complete songs is our little gift to you, and at the same time our contribution to a better-rocking Christmas ;)

If you’re into electronic music, I’ve got an interesting link for you: Philos Deploys!
It’s a side project of Thomas, our keyboard virtuoso :)

Singin’ along the old year...hope to see you again soon.

Best wishes,

Tom & Universal Mind

Nov 16 2006

The seventh year of the new millenium is about to end.

On December 15th, flowers will cover our hair when we'll be rocking the "Flower Power" in Leipzig. But before this, on December 8th, there will be the 2nd "Leipzig vs. Dresden" event with Julia Montez, Pur Rain and Magic Ingwer, the special acoustic-side-project – take a look.

Furthermore, there's now a collection of some nice reviews about "Another Illusion" available (German only). And to all internet junkies in the world: we're pleased to welcome you at

Oct 02 2006

Dear Rock-Bunnies, there’s a nice review of the last big event Confessions of Rock. It was great to play together again after the break.

We gave an interview for Metalglory Magazine – read our minds and souls (German only).

AND another Ill...Surprise: The well-known Chaos Computer Club from Regensburg chose our song City Universe for their first anti-music industry sampler called "Pimp my Rights" (e.g. Beastie Boys, David Byrne) Thanks very much!!!

See you on November 10th at the Bärenzwinger gig – stay universal, not uniform!

Aug 07 2006

Take a glimpse at our updated merch shop - we are more colorful now...

Next week, we'll be living the Hungarian way. We're on tour from August 15th - 22th. Crucial events will be published in our weblog, so stay tuned...

Aug 06 2006

We proudly present our first dynamic picture gallery :)

Jul 24 2006

Take a look at our weblog:
- There are new entries and pictures of the latest events!

Jun 16 2006

With enough "illusions" in our bags, we're on the road again these days, while the ball is rolling. Lost in World Cup fever, we even shout at the guests of the nearby hostel for the proper atmosphere. Our own little final game will be in Hungary this August - music versus Pálinka:) So, keep in mind: rock and soccer do have one thing in common: leather!

May 26 2006

A warm welcome to all English tongues - have fun exploring our website & music.
...and feel free to post a comment into our guestbook.

Hope to see you at one of our shows sometime!

May 06 2006

New UNI-AIR pics in our weblog! You can buy the new album at our shows at a price of 7 euros - or write us an e-mail.

We contributed our song "Lost in Fever" to the sampler cd "jelly good follow" published by the University of Marburg/Germany. You can completely download the music and artwork from their website under
"Open Music Contest #2".

Apr 20 2006

Musical holidays are to be continued... on May 3 we'll rock the UNI-AIR giving a 20 minutes long psychedelic open air seminar - please appear in gaggles!