"The Dresden boys fire us psychedelic stuff ´round our ears and spread sounds no one here has reckoned with at all. Frontman Tom is somewhat like a mixture between Jim Morrison, Jesus Christ and Che Guevara – and anyhow this band also sounds like that. Roughly like the Doors in a streetfight, full of action, neatly played and very convincingly performed. The audience is blustering and we decide to keep an eye on this band. We file the name UNIVERSAL MIND in the observation register – a thought that will later prove to be „very good”." (Oblivion-Magazin, 08/2005)

"With playful ease they combine psychedelic Doors-swathes with glamorous kohl, retro-kind hip-swing with bawdy hardrockriffs." (Dresdner, 05/2004)

"...rock of three decades, pathetically brushed with keyboards and asking vocals." (Fritz, 05/2004)

"Again, the typical melancholy of Universal Mind is omnipresent in the melodies of their longplayer. One can’t force these rockers into one particular genre."
(Sächsische Zeitung, 7.5.2004)

"The band has made a quantum jump after their first cd. More clearly than before, one gets a feeling for where the trip goes to. Musical greetings to Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek let sense their idols without being a copy. Exciting." (Prinz, 05/2004)